Fans Call On Big Hit To #RespectJimin After Repeated Issues With BTS Jimin’s Lighting

The problem has been going on for months.

BTS has been killing it with “Butter” stages this year, and as always, Jimin‘s main dancer moves are a marvel. There’s just one problem—ARMYs are struggling to actually see his dancing due to a recurring lighting issue. Now, they’re calling on Big Hit Music to take action.

After numerous hit songs and multiple Billboard chart entries, it should come as little surprise that BTS has been booked for international events and shows all year. Of course, with the pandemic yet to wane in many countries, it hasn’t been possible for the members to fly abroad just to record performances. Instead, Big Hit Music has been pre-recording BTS’s stages in South Korea, ready for them to air on U.S. television.


As always, the group’s gorgeous “Butter” sets have been providing the perfect backdrop for each member to show their skills, and the camera operators have been doing a great job of highlighting each member throughout the song.


However, that changes when it comes to the “Butter” dance break. Over the past few months, ARMYs have noticed a recurring issue affecting BTS’s Jimin: poor lighting. Each time the spotlight hits the members, Jimin is left in the dark—literally. Just take a look at this BBMA performance and try to spot him.


The same thing happened when BTS performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert a few days later.


And, it happened again this week during the group’s BBCperformance.


Now, fans are fed up and disappointed, and they’re calling on Big Hit Music’s lighting crew to hear their concerns. On Twitter, popular Jimin fanbase JIMIN DATA put out a call to Big Hit Music and parent company HYBE to start adjusting the spotlight so all seven members are visible during the choreography.

Chinese fanbase PARK JIMIN BAR also joined the discussion, noting that while they’re always thankful to see Jimin performing, they want him to be able to show himself at his best in good lighting.

Alongside a vocal response from international fans, it didn’t take long for the issue to blow up among South Korean ARMYs. Seven hashtags and phrases regarding the lighting reached Twitter’s top 20 Korean trends today, including “#RespectJimin,” “dance break lighting,” and “#ExplainTheLightingIssue.”

Big Hit Music is yet to respond to fans’ concerns, but ARMYs hope it won’t be long until Jimin gets the attention he deserves during the “Butter” dance break.

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