BTS’s Jimin and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Rank On The Guardian’s Top 30 Best Boyband Members

Kings of K-Pop!

British daily newspaper, The Guardian ranked the 30 best boyband members of all time. Naturally, K-pop boyband members were included on the list as well.


BTS‘s Jimin was named #17 on the list, beating out hometown heroes like Gary Barlow (#23) and Jason Orange (#19)of Take That. 


The Guardian praised Jimin‘s performance during the recent BTS concerts in London.

“At BTS’s recent London arena shows, it was 23-year-old hair-dye enthusiast Jimin who, in the middle of all the robotic choreography, brought the flashes of old school boyband sex appeal, “accidentally” showing off his abs during the gorgeous, slow-burn solo track Serendipity.”

— Michael Cragg, The Guardian


BIG BANG’s G-Dragon also made the list, coming in at #11. G-Dragon beat popular American boyband members like Nick Carter (#16) and Brian Littrell (#14) of the Backstreet Boys plus JC Chasez (#12) of ‘NSYNC.


G-Dragon was described as the “King of K-Pop” who “ushered in the era of the modern, multi-disciplinary Korean pop star.”

“In many ways, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, hailed by many as the king of K-pop, ushered in the era of the modern, multi-disciplinary Korean pop star. A singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, entrepreneur and fashion icon (he once appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue), G-Dragon brought an alluring androgyny and edge to the band. He is currently halfway through his mandatory military service.”

— The Guardian


Fans have praised Jimin for his hot popularity and G-Dragon for his legendary status — recognized even by English publications!

Source: The Guardian