Korean Music Critic Comes Under Fire For His “Brutal” Comments Disregarding BTS Jimin’s Billboard Achievement

The comment referred to “Chart Manipulation.”

BTS‘s Jimin has set records and made history with the release of his new album FACE. However, a music critic has come under fire for making comments that seemingly discredited Jimin’s historic achievement for his recent release.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

In March, BTS’s Jimin released his solo debut album ME, which included the hit title track “Like Crazy.”

BTS Jimin’s song “Like Crazy” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

On April 3, ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement after it was revealed that Jimin had made history with “Like Crazy” after becoming the first Korean solo artist to get a Billboard #1. After the huge achievement, ARMYs couldn’t stop congratulating the idol and shared their reactions on social media.

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Jimin even switched on Weverse in the middle of the night to thank fans for their support and reveal his reactions to the Billboard Number One.

| BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse  

Yet, it seems like a music critic has come under fire for seemingly discrediting Jimin’s achievement. In an article shared on Korean forum theqoo, a quote from a music critic Kim gained attention from fans. According to the critic, he seemingly believed that Jimin’s number one came from his popularity rather than talent.

It is true that K-Pop has a large discrepancy between sales and streaming-radio numbers, and this is a glaring example of this. This (Billboard win) is a result of ‘chart manipulation’ that is attributed to K-Pop fandoms all over the world, in which there are only people who buy the music without anyone listening to it.

— Korean Music Critic Kim

| theqoo

When the quote was shared on a Korean forum, it received a lot of attention, but international ARMYs were also very angry by the comments.

While a different translation of the quote spread across the internet, the sentiment amongst netizens about the critic claiming that the historic achievement from Jimin could be down to the popularity of the idol amongst ARMYs, rather than positive reactions to the song

When the ARMY shared the post, the comments tried to reassure the fan, sharing their anger at someone trying to discredit Jimin’s huge achievement.

While the critic might have been scepticale about Jimin’s success, ARMYs believe BTS’s power and influence is unrivaled and will always come under criticism from fans.

You can read more about the achievement below.

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Source: theqoo and NewsTomato

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