BTS’s Jimin Is Thinking About Changing Something About His Physical Appearance After Enlisting — But ARMYs Hope It Won’t Happen

“It’s a big concern of mine…”

Since debuting, BTS‘s Jimin has always gained attention for his visuals that always balance between cute and handsome. ARMYs can’t get over the idol’s features and love how they make him even more good-looking.

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Yet, it seems like there is one thing about his physical appearance that he is contemplating changing.

On October 12, ahead of the release of his Production Diary, Weverse released a video where Jimin answered questions based on keywords.

When it came to one thing that Jimin wanted new ARMYs to know about him, he explained that his front teeth aren’t straight.

He then explained that after fans saw his adorable teeth, they gave him an adorable nickname linked to a brand of gum the group promoted.

The idol then added that he hoped that fans would love his teeth.

Although he wanted ARMYs to continue to love his teeth, the next question asked him about his concerns. Jimin surprised fans by saying that he was wondering whether he should straighten his teeth when it eventually comes to his time to enlist in the army.

The idol explained that his enlistment would be for a prolonged period of time, and he doesn’t want to waste it. While he revealed he is hesitant because of ARMYs’ reactions, he warned fans that he was thinking about it so they should “keep it in mind.”

When the video was posted, while many acknowledged that it was up to Jimin whether he got his teeth done, it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs shared their love for his adorable feature and couldn’t imagine the idol without them.

ARMYs also shared adorable photos of Jimin’s teeth…

Of course, many fans shared that it was up to Jimin to make decisions about his teeth but that they would miss them dearly! With or without his “xylitol” teeth, Jimin will always be extremely handsome and cute.

Source: Weverse/YouTube