BTS Jimin’s Chinese Fans Break A New Record In Subway Advertisements For His Birthday

Fans are aiming to make another history for Jimin!

BTS Jimin‘s Chinese fanclub, called JIMIN BAR CHINA, are planning to break a new record in subway advertisements in Korea for Jimin’s birthday!


They revealed that on Jimin’s birthday on October 13, they will be featuring advertisements about him in every single screen at every single subway station in Seoul!


The event has already begun since the first of October and will last until the day after his actual birthday.


They have already reserved 43 PDV screens, 83 LED screens, 575 DID digital posters and more for a total of 702 screens to celebrate with Jimin’s video images and photos. With the exposure, about 10 million people in Korea are estimated to see at least one of these celebratory advertisements.

The fanclub had reportedly gathered 340 million won (~$300,00 USD) within a short amount of time for their 2019 project for Jimin’s birthday.

Even reserving 702 subway screens isn’t easy, but for Jimin’s birthday project this year, we will be using PDV&LED&DID screens on every line at every station at the same time to show our support. It has never been done before, so we put in a lot of effort to make this happen.



JIMIN BAR CHINA isn’t stopping with just Seoul. They also released a teaser featuring various cities all around China, claiming that they’re “starting from Seoul and on to the world“.


JIMIN BAR CHINA has always been setting a new standard for birthday celebrations. Just last year for Jimin’s birthday, they spent millions of dollars to post 18 different advertisements throughout China, Netherlands, Japan, England, Taiwan and more.

With such devoted fans, Jimin’s 24th birthday will surely be one to remember for ages!

Source: Segye