BTS’s Jimin Just Converted A Hoard Of Non-K-Pop Fans With This Short (Beautiful) Video

“Bro I don’t listen to kpop or anything but this is the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid my eyes on.”

It all started with a 7-second video of Jimin in a simple black t-shirt at the BTS World Tour “Love Yourself” in Los Angeles. A fan blessed ARMYs around the world with this historical video.


The video, which has gone viral with over 3.5 million views to date, has got fans and non-fans falling in love with Jimin’s ethereal charm.


People of all gender and background were so mesmerized by his sheer beauty!



Hoards of people who weren’t even aware of K-Pop jumped on the BTS way-of-life by raving about this “beautiful human” who completely took everyone’s breath away.


ARMYs were super excited to welcome these new fans to the world of BTS and did all they can to share the wonders of the K-Pop group.


Jimin became so big that on the first day of their concert in LA, “Jimin” was trending #1 on Los Angeles trends and Australia trends with over 1 million tweets! That’s all despite the fact that they didn’t even have any exposure on that day or hold a live broadcast session.


This just further proves that BTS is not only an extremely talented group but one that also has exceptional visuals that appeal to everyone!

Source: Pann Nate