Jimin’s Dad Donates BTS Album To Help Children In Need

Like father, like son!

BTS‘s Jimin has grown up to be a wonderfully kind and generous person, and it seems he inherited that love for humanity from his father.


Like Jimin, Mr. Park enjoys quietly takes care of his loved ones, as well as people in need.

To me, charity work is happiness. And I am thankful to Jimin for that. To be able to give back and live a life of sharing, is because Jimin too, has the same thoughts as me about giving back what we receive. We have the same way of thinking (laughs). Although I am someone who has done charity work in society for a long time, I think the fans who are also practicing this are truly amazing.

— BTS Jimin’s dad, Busan Arts School magazine

It recently came to fans’ attention that Mr. Park donated a signed MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona album to Beautiful Store, back in November 2020.

All proceeds raised from the resold album, along with other donated items, were to be given to children of low-income families who have been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Donations made to Beautiful Store. | @jimintoday__/Twitter

This is just one of the many ways Jimin and his father are using their influence and wealth to make the world a better place. Like father, like son!