BTS Jimin’s Dad Gifts A Fansite’s Photo To The Norwegian Ambassador

So, who had this on their 2022 BTS bingo?

Make way, ARMY; the president of Jimin‘s fanclub has arrived!

Jimin | @myloverjimin/Twitter

BTS has millions of fans, but the ultimate OG stans are BTS’s parents. Jimin’s father, Park Hyun Soo couldn’t be prouder of his famous son. In a past interview, for example, he thanked Jimin for giving him the opportunity to do what he loves: charity.

To me, charity work is happiness. And I am thankful to Jimin for that. To be able to give back and live a life of sharing, is because Jimin too, has the same thoughts as me about giving back what we receive. We have the same way of thinking (laughs). Although I am someone who has done charity work in society for a long time, I think the fans who are also practicing this are truly amazing.

— Park Hyun Soo,

In addition to philanthropy, Park Hyun Soo owns and operates Magnate Factory, a coffee house in Jimin’s hometown, Busan. Here, he recently met Frode Solberg, the Norwegian Ambassador to South Korea.

Park Hyun Soo (right) at Magnate Factory.

On Twitter, Frode Solberg shared an anecdote from their meeting and two photos. In one of these photos, he holds a fansite photo that Jimin’s father gave him as a present.

Frode Solberg and Park Hyun Soo

It didn’t take ARMYs long to track down the original photo and its photographer, myloverjimin. This talented fansite captured Jimin’s ethereal presence and beauty in a single snapshot.

| @myloverjimin/Twitter

Who knew that their work would one day end up on a politician’s wall?