BTS’s Jimin Describes His Members’ Charms In One Word, And It Couldn’t Be More Accurate

Jimin knows BTS better than anyone!

When it comes to the members of BTS, they might have debuted back in 2013 but they have known each other for much longer, living, training, and going through important life experiences with each other. It means that they know everything about each other and are the perfect people to showcase each other’s charms.

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Recently, one person who has revealed what he thinks are the charms of the members is BTS’s Jimin. As one of the youngest members, Jimin has the cutest friendship with all the members, and it’s adorable to see.

Recently, for the Japanese fancafe, Jimin appeared in a video where he had to describe the charms of each member in one word.

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The first person that Jimin described was J-Hope. As the “Happy Virus” of the group, it isn’t surprising that he was described as “Kind.” No matter whether it’s with the members, those around him, or ARMYs, J-Hope always has the kindest heart and is praised for his genuine personality.


RM was the next member, and as the leader of the group, he has so many charms. Yet, as expected, Jimin’s favorite charm of RM was his honesty. However, it was much more than that, and the phrase used also refers to someone who has integrity, sincerity, and honesty, which couldn’t be more true.

Next up was V, and there is no denying that the two 95′ liners have an unbreakable bond loved by ARMY worldwide. Although V’s visuals are strong, Jimin described V as “Playful,” and it couldn’t be more true. Whether he’s filming or just hanging out, V likes to have fun with his members.

After V, the next person Jimin described was the final member of the maknae line, which is Jungkook. Of course, as the youngest member of the group, Jungkook’s charm is that he is the maknae, and his status is legendary, with netizens calling him the “Golden maknae.” Together, the duo likes to cause chaos and tease the other members.


From the youngest to the oldest, Jin was the next member and it seemed to link nicely in with Jungkook. Whereas Jungkook is the maknae because he’s the youngest, Jimin joked that Jin was the oldest member who seems like the maknae. With his playful personality, there is no denying that Jin doesn’t seem like the oldest but it’s in the best way.


The final member was Suga, and the group’s main rapper’s charm, according to Jimin, was the fact he’s like a small child. What Jimin actually meant could be interpreted differently, but although Suga can sometimes seem quiet, he has a childlike innocence and can also be very cute when he wants to be.

All of the members’ charms couldn’t be more accurate and of course, Jimin is in the perfect position to share his thoughts as he knows them all so well.

Source: @FIZZY_OT7