BTS’s Jimin Makes An Appearance At A DIOR Event — Wowing Netizens With His Unreal Visuals

It was definitely worth the wait!

BTS‘s Jimin recently made an appearance at a DIOR event in Korea, wowing netizens with his unreal visuals and aura.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

At the start of 2023, Jimin was announced as the newest ambassador for DIOR.

After attending events representing the brand, it wasn’t surprising that many expected the idol to attend the special opening of the “Lady Dior Celebration” exhibition, which is being held in Seoul.

The poster for the exhibition | DIOR

On September 1, netizens waited to catch a glimpse of Jimin, who was rumored but not confirmed to attend. After waiting for over an hour after the event started, ARMYs couldn’t hide their relief when the first glimpses of Jimin were seen.

At first, there only seemed to be videos of the idol from afar that were posted by those at the venue who went to watch.

Of course, it wasn’t long before fansites got proper pictures for ARMYs online of Jimin’s look, and of course, it was amazing. Jimin was spotted wearing a simple jeans and shirt combination, but with the cream coat and statement necklace, the idol looked as handsome as ever.

| @tensionup_1013/Twitter
| @tensionup_1013/Twitter

Even as the night grew dark, the lights from the cameras allowed Jimin’s true visuals to shine.

| @JIMNARIN/Twitter

Of course, along with ARMYs, it wasn’t surprising that media outlets wanted to take photos of Jimin. At one point, an American photographer was heard describing Jimin as “beautiful.”

Once inside, media outlets attending shared videos of Jimin inside the venue. With the better lighting, Jimin’s full visuals and outfit could be seen a lot better.

There were even videos of Jimin looking at the exhibition and of course, everyone wanted photos of the idol.

| @KnjMyLife/Twitter
| @KnjMyLife/Twitter   

From photos taken further away, Jimin radiated true “main character” vibes.

| theqoo
| theqoo

Although he seemingly didn’t stay for long, Jimin made sure to greet all the ARMYs waiting for him as he got back into his car.

When the photos and videos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over the idol’s unreal visuals and aura.

While the appearance wasn’t long, it was truly legendary, and Jimin proved that DIOR made the right choice when picking him as an ambassador.


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