BTS’s Jimin Secretly Donated 100 Million Won To Busan Schools

His good deeds went public, thanks to those who had received them.

BTS‘s Jimin has reportedly made a very generous a donation to schools in Busan.


On April 5, it became known that Jimin had quietly donated 100 million won (approximately $88,000 USD) to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education. 30 million won (approximately $26,000 USD) of this donation was reportedly sent to his old high school.


Several teachers reportedly shared the official document for allocating the donation budget to schools in Busan on social media. The sister of a student who received a scholarship on behalf of Jimin also posted about the donation. Even though Jimin made his donation without any media fanfare or announcements, the recipients wanted his good deeds to be known.


Jimin’s donation will help fund school food expenses, student welfare, student council activities, and self-regulated classes. It will also help to support students from low-income families.


This isn’t the first time Jimin has shown financial support to the education system. In February 2018, Jimin‘s childhood school, Hoedong Elementary School, closed after 36 years. At the graduation ceremony, Jimin made a personal donation to pay for the school uniform costs for every one of the school’s graduating students.


His acts of philanthropy have inspired fans to follow in his footsteps. Recently, Jimin’s fansite Invictus managed to raise 10 sets of 1 million won scholarships for underprivileged students studying at Jimin’s alma mater, Busan High School of Arts.


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