BTS’s Jimin Drops A Christmas Song And Wishes Fans A Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from Jimin!

BTS’s Jimin surprised fans with a present on Christmas Eve and dropped a Christmas track through Soundcloud!

On Christmas Eve, Jimin released a Christmas tune and wished fans around the world a happy holiday. This track, titled, “Christmas Love”, was produced by Slow Rabbit, Jimin, and RM, and is the perfect song for the holidays with the upbeat melody and Jimin’s beautiful vocals.

He also left a heartfelt message on the BTS blog page for the fans.

| bts blog

Hello Everyone this is Jimin. Did you all receive your Christmas gifts? I really wanted to surprise you with this song and I am glad that I was able to do so. The reason I came here today is to explain the reason why I released such a bright song during these difficult times. As you can tell from the lyrics of the song, it talks about my favorite childhood memory of seeing snow for the first time. I used to feelings I felt then to sing and create this song. As we grow up, it seems we begin to miss our childhood a lot more. Whether it’s the current situation or not, we always remember the times we were young and pure and we wish that we could go back to that time.

— Jimin


The responsibility that comes with growing up makes our pure young selves become mature. I think growing up has also made us hide our emotions a little more. But, we still have those feelings inside of us. So although it’s childish, how about we express those feelings once in a while? I hope that that day will be today. All of you are worthy of love. So although it’s a little childish, I hope that everyone can enjoy it together. I know what I wrote is nothing grand but I hope that everyone would be happy. I hope that you can reminisce the old days while listening to this song.

— Jimin