BTS’s Jimin Explains Why He Thinks They Can Win At The 2021 GRAMMY Awards

“I feel like we can win”.

BTS was recently nominated for their very first GRAMMY award, and they couldn’t hold back their excitement when talking about it in an interview with Vanity Fair.

In the video, the boys reacted to milestones in their music careers, the final and most recent one being their 2021 GRAMMY Awards nomination for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance”.

Jimin animatedly explained why he believes they have a shot at winning: “In the nomination list, we’re in the middle. That’s why I think we could actually win“.

Seated beside him was J-Hope, who personally asked him if he really thinks they can win.

Clenching his fists, Jimin had zero hesitation when he exclaimed that he, in fact, does think so!

J-Hope agreed and explained that their ambition for the award stems from all of the ups and downs they’ve been through.

RM, on the other hand, said there was nothing wrong with dreaming.

Jimin must have utmost confidence for BTS because he eagerly repeated his belief that they can win the award: “It’s just me but I feel like we can win“.

Holding Jimin’s shoulder, V reminded him that hoping too much may just lead to more disappointment if they lose.

Jin noted that Suga is usually the member who would say those kinds of words.

Ever the optimistic person, Jimin let out some words of wisdom in response to V’s suggestion: “Let’s just think about being sad after“.

He insisted that his instincts are telling him that BTS will win—and they’re never wrong.

Hilariously, Jin rebutted that based on Run BTS alone, Jimin’s instincts are hardly ever reliable.

Jimin ended by insisting that Jin was referring to luck and not instincts. His instincts are telling him that BTS will win their first GRAMMY award, and nothing can tell him otherwise!

Catch more of BTS in the full video below.

Source: Vanity Fair