BTS Jimin faints during fan meeting in Japan

BTS member Jimin is reported to be recovering after fainting during fan meeting in Japan.

BTS Jimin is reported to have fallen down during a fan meeting in Jpan.

Regarding the incident, Big Hit Entertainment revealed on their official Twitter account that:

“Although Jimin fell off the stage, there are no problems with his health.”

They also explained the incident by stating

“Jimin was involved in an accident, falling off the stage during the ‘Japan Official Fan Meeting Undercover Mission’ fan meeting hosted in Osaka, Japan. He was quickly transferred to the nearest Sumitomo hospital and it was revealed that he lost his balance due to a quick drop in blood pressure after holding his breath during a game in the fan meeting.”

“He is currently resting in the hotel with mild bruises and no other problems related with his health and we apologize to the attendees of the fan meeting as well as everyone who was worried due to this incident.”

“We, Big Hit Entertainment, promise that we will do our best to look out for Jimin and rest of the BTS members’ safety in the future. And we apologize again for causing any concerns.”

[ +1290 / -106] I am so glad he is okay!! Please release an album with better songs~

[ +1226 / -57] Hul… I’m glad everything is okay..

[ +1121 / -59] Acupuncture acupuncture!!! Don’t be sick T_T_T_T Or get hurt T_T_T_T Health is a priority over anything!!

Source: OSEN



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