BTS Jimin’s Reaction When Asked If He Liked “ON” Or “FILTER” Better May Be The Cutest Thing You See Today

His reaction was priceless!

BTS‘s Jimin was cruising through all of the questions at their recent press conference for their latest album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”. As the sweetest king who knows just what to say at a given moment, Jimin was doing great until he hit one particular question…

Jimin was asked, “Which song do you like better: ‘ON’ or ‘FILTER’?” And at first, he didn’t even understand the baffling question!

But when his members clarified that he has to choose, Jimin went into a buffer mode as he honestly didn’t know how to choose!

But let’s take a look at that again in slow motion cause anything this adorable needs to be appreciated!

Jimin then made his final decision. He chose “ON”! He prefers their title track not because it’s a better composition. He prefers it because he gets to work with his 6 brothers on the song!

I like “ON” better. I prefer it when we’re all together. Whenever I’m on stage, I want to be on stage all together.

— Jimin

This sweet king concluded by praising their new title track, “‘ON’ is really great!

Let’s take a listen to “ON” and “FILTER” once again… Which do you prefer?