“Who’s That Girl?” ARMYs’ Theories About The Mysterious Girl In BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” Music Video

The interaction sent ARMYs into meltdown for several reasons…

BTS‘s Jimin recently released his new album FACE with the title track “Like Crazy.”

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

The video unsurprisingly gained attention from ARMYs worldwide, who couldn’t get over the unreal attention to detail and how much it showcases Jimin’s talent, visuals, and creativity.

Jimin’s new music video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

In particular, aside from Jimin, one person in the video that has gained attention is the mysterious girl. Throughout the video, Jimin and the girl nearly meet several times…

The mysterious girl in the music video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

Of course, it isn’t surprising that some ARMYs had a hilarious reaction to the girl’s appearance, joking about how fans held their breath at the possibility of Jimin’s interaction with her.

While that didn’t happen, ARMYs shared that the girl has an important meaning within the music video.

Yet, while many had hilarious reactions to the girl’s appearance, others unsurprisingly found a much deeper meaning in the music video. Many believed that rather than just a person in the music video, but actually meant to be Jimin’s reflection.


In the video, the girl wears the same outfit as Jimin in the concept photos.

Jimin’s concept photo | HYBE LABELS
The girl is seemingly wearing the same outfit | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Many fans believed the reflection is meant to embody the conflict Jimin has between his masculine and feminine sides.

While Jimin has always gained attention for breaking gender norms and being himself, including showcasing the softer side to his personality…

BTS’s Jimin has been praised for his gender neutral fashion | @bts_bighit/Twitter
Jimin’s dancing can be hard and intense but also soft and elegant | BTS/Facebook 

ARMYs pointed out that the video could show that he’s coming to terms with accepting that side of himself, which is why he finally met the “female” half of his identity.

Yet, others added that in an early BTS era, all of the members had female counterparts, except for Jimin. One fan believed that the video could represent his anima (the feminine part of a man’s personality) and how he is ready to embrace his feminine side.

BTS and their female alter-egos | @sam13013/Twitter

Another reason ARMYs have this theory of the girl representing Jimin’s inner self is from the released album description. It was revealed that the album wanted to portray Jimin’s “reflection” and “inner-self.”

The album description | HYBE

While music videos can sometimes be for the enjoyment of fans, the members of BTS always make them personal, showcasing their more vulnerable sides and stories through the music.

You can read more about the album below.

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Source: HYBE LABELS/YouTube