BTS’s Jimin Starring In “Home Alone” — Here’s What Jin Has To Say About It

Jin couldn’t help commenting on a fan’s creative Christmas edits.

Can you picture BTS starring in your favorite Christmas classics? ARMY can!


When Jimin wore a cute, winter hat in Bon Voyage 4, fans noticed his striking similarity to Kevin McCallister from Home Alone 2, played by Macaulay Culkin.


Naturally, ARMY took the joke one step further by creating edits and posting them on Weverse.


The post caption says, “It’s not just me, is it? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Bangtannies must have thought of this too, right? ㅎㅎ Cute Jiminie.”  For the headline, the OP wrote, “Home Alone” World’s Cutie BTS Jimin, Macaulay Culkin Would Cry And Leave”, presumably because of how adorable Jimin is.

When Jin dropped by Weverse, he spotted the post and left a very Jin-like comment.


  “Jimin is cute,” he wrote, “but why is Culkin-hyung crying?” Culkin-hyung? Aww!


It looks like it’s time to start a petition for BTS movie remakes. Everything is better Bangtan-style!