ARMYs Congratulate BTS’s Jimin After He Earns An Honorary Diploma From Busan High School Of Arts

It is well-deserved after Jimin’s hard work!

Since debuting in BTS, Jimin has been known for his unrivaled talent when he gets on stage. Although he has a beautifully unique voice that sends chills down your spine, Jimin is also known as one of the best dancers in K-Pop, with effortlessness and elegance that cannot be taught.

BTS’s Jimin

Growing up, Jimin worked hard to improve his dancing skills, and one place he did that was at Busan High School of Arts. Throughout his time there, he came top of the class in his field…

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And he majored in Modern Dance at the dance department of the school until moving to Seoul to become a trainee at BigHit Entertainment.

On February 9, “Congratulations Jimin” was trending on Twitter after it was announced that Jimin earned an honorary diploma from Busan High School of Arts and that his father was attending the ceremony to accept the certificate.

An honorary diploma is awarded to people without passing any formal exams or qualifications and usually is equivalent to a doctorate or master’s degree. In particular, it is usually given to those who attended the institution who have been seen to contribute something or seen as special, which fits Jimin.

When the information was shared, ARMYs worldwide shared their love and congratulations to Jimin for the achievement.

In particular, since Jimin revealed he attended the school, the students and staff at the institution have shared just how much the idol has done for the school. For example, a video was released of the students at the school who praised Jimin for his work ethic and how proud he made the school.

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One of his teachers even shared just how naturally gifted Jimin has always been in an interview.

He’s been very good at modern dance and has a talent for many kinds of dance… Jimin is someone who does his best in everything. He is where he is now because of his persistent efforts.

— Jimin teacher

Even his homeroom teacher, who didn’t see much of his dancing, had nothing but praise for Jimin when it came to describing his determination and personality.

He was excellent in both his studies and dance, entering as the top student of the department.

— Jimin Homeroom Teacher

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As proud as the teachers and students are, Jimin showcased his love and pride in his time at the school. In 2020, Jimin made headlines after it was reported that Jimin donated desks and chairs to Busan High School of Arts for all 1200 of its students. Jimin stayed quiet about his donation made during winter break.

He even shared a message of support to the students when they were doing a dance festival.

Considering how much Jimin has done during his career but also the commitment he still has to the school, he is well-deserving of this achievement.

You can read more about Jimin’s time at the school below.

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