BTS Jimin Brings Fans To Tears With His Act Of Humility

“It’s official. Jimin-ssi’s an angel.”

A pot of purple orchids that arrived at the Busan Arts High School’s 31st dance recital is now going viral all over the internet — all because it comes from the one and only BTSJimin.


A picture of the orchid plant was tweeted, along with the words, “Jimin sent flowers to the Busan Arts High School dance recital…” 

The ribbons on the plant read, “BTS Jimin” (left) and “Busan Arts High School’s 31st Dance Recital” (right).


Others who attended and witnessed Jimin’s purple orchids shared pictures as well.

One user pointed out it was Jimin’s father who hand delivered the plant himself.

“Jimin’s father dropped this off. Is this really happening?”


ARMYs are simply captivated by Jimin’s (and his father’s) thoughtfulness. The gesture has touched many Busan Arts High School students as well.

  • “This must be after he watched his ‘hoobaes (후배, juniors)’ inviting him to come see the recital. He is so sweet.”

  • “We love a successful man who manages the greatest boy group in the world who never forgets to look back where he came from. Park Jimin ya’ll.”

  • “Jimin’s hoobaes really wanted him to come. He went as orchids!”

  • “It’s official. Jimin-ssi’s an angel.”