BTS Jimin’s Arrival At Incheon Airport Gains Attention After The Most Unexpected Actions From An Unexpected Fanboy

The clips became a hot topic amongst ARMYs!

BTS fans (aka ARMYs) come in all forms, and it seems like nobody is immune to the group’s talent, visuals, and charm. Recently, BTS’s Jimin showcased this after netizens couldn’t get enough of one unexpected ARMY.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

On March 13, BTS’s Jimin shocked fans when it was announced he was heading to New York for a private schedule. As expected, his arrival at Incheon Airport was like a concert, and Jimin greeted the fans and media by showcasing his manners.

Even in the photos, Jimin looked like a true superstar and showcased his visuals alongside his charming personality.

Surprisingly, although Jimin gained attention, one person who stole netizens’ hearts at Incheon Airport was a reporter from Star Pic. While all the outlets were streaming Jimin’s arrival prior to his appearance, Star Pic had been at the airport for just under five hours.

While it isn’t uncommon for the media to be fans of the idols and share their love when the artists arrive, Star Pic was ready to showcase their ARMY status.

During the live broadcast, after over 3 and a half hours streaming, ARMYs were shocked when a picture of Jimin suddenly appeared in the shot as he exclaimed, “FACE!” He had said that because concept photos had been recently released ahead of Jimin’s album Face.

With some of the cutest sound effects, the reporter then started moving the photo in and out so ARMYs could see it clearer.

If ARMYs thought that was all and that the reporter was trying to show off, he proved his true fan status within a few minutes. He later pulled out the photo again, adding, “Waiting for Jimin.”

And then brought out yet another concept photo from Jimin that has recently been released.

Netizens also noticed that it wasn’t just photos that the reporter had. At one point, he waved an adorable Jimin keychain in front of the camera for netizens to see.

When the videos were shared online, netizens couldn’t get over the reporter’s actions, loving the way he shared his love for Jimin, just like the other ARMYs at Incheon Airport.

As always, ARMYs can appear in the most random places and be the people you don’t expect. BTS has global influence and popularity, and the reporter was undoubtedly one of the cutest people there to greet Jimin.

Source: Star Pic


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