BTS’s Jimin and J-Hope’s Conversation In Their Documentary Breaks ARMYs’ Hearts

“[The conversation] broke me…”

BTS‘s J-Hope and Jimin have made ARMYs emotional with a new clip from their documentary BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star.

BTS’s J-Hope and Jimin | @uarmyhope/Instagram

While the documentary is full of positive and funny moments, one video has gained attention amongst ARMYs and broken their hearts.

In the next two episodes, the show looked at some of the moments of the members’ recording, moments in America, and also talking about their Permission To Dance shows.


In one of the episodes, Jimin and J-Hope are sat in the car after a show. As they are driving, Jimin says, “When will we perform again?”

After hearing his question, J-Hope seemed deep in thought at how to respond before finally replying with, “I wish I knew.” It showcased the uncertainty that BTS faced after the shows, and it would have weighed heavily on them.

Jimin then tried to think realistically as he explained, “The worst-case scenario is three years later.” J-Hope agreed but added that it would be the worst-case scenario, and as expected, the BTS dancer tried to remain positive.

If that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, Jimin shared his scenario, looking at all the possibilities.

Right? We go back to Korea. The concert there is canceled and we enlist in the military. Then we come back and have a concert. Three years.

— Jimin

When the video was shared online, ARMYs were emotional for many reasons. Whether it was the fact that BTS was already planning for the future, with the idea of enlistment, but also the fact the video was released as all of BTS is enlisted, it made the emotions even more real.

The documentary has showcased all the hard feelings the BTS members had during some of the toughest times. While it seems like BTS are always there for ARMYs and are strong, it is reassuring that they have each other to share their real feelings.