BTS’s Jimin Just Took Over Social Media With A Single Tweet

ARMY’s one and only Mochi is back, and they’re letting everyone know it.

ARMYs have really been missing their beloved Mochi, and it shows!

Whenever a BTS member takes a break from social media, fans send out messages of love and support while pining for their return. For the past couple weeks or so, Jimin hasn’t posted on TwitterWeverse, or appeared on a live broadcast.

On May 27, after what felt like ages, Jimin returned to Twitter with a new DIY art project: painted FILA shoes. He wrote, “We customized these!
The left one is made by Hobi hyung, and the right one is made by me! #JIMIN #HOBI.”

These shoes are reminding many fans of BTS’s “Spring Day”, a song about missing loved ones and awaiting their return. Could there be a more perfect coincidence?

Shortly after Jimin tweeted, “Jimin” and “Jiminie” soared to the top of the trending topics lists on Twitter…

…as well as Weverse and Naver!

It just goes to show that whenever ARMY sings out, “bogo shipda”, BTS hears them!