BTS Jimin And J-Hope’s Behavior Towards TXT At “Lollapalooza” Goes Viral, Showcasing The Duo’s True Personalities

“We have been blessed with this TXT x BTS crumbs video!”

It seems as if there are more and more times when netizens are being treated to adorable interactions between their favorite idols. In particular, groups from the same label have always shown their support for each other. One company that has always been praised is HYBE!

Recently, a clip between members of BTS and TXT has gone viral, showcasing the bond between the two groups.

TXT, BTS, and Lee Hyun | HYBE

Since TXT debuted, BTS has always been the group’s biggest fans and has treated netizens to some heartwarming interactions.

Whether it’s during award shows, meetings, or speaking about each other on social media, the two HYBE groups have always been praised for their interactions.



It was recently shown once again recently after TXT and BTS’s J-Hope traveled to America to perform at the famous Lollapalooza festival.

Over two nights, the artists stole the stage with their performances and made sure that nobody left the event without talking about K-Pop in some way.


BTS J-Hope’s performance | Weverse 

On the Saturday show, TXT was the first of the two HYBE artists to perform, and it seems like it wasn’t just MOAs out to share their support.

Netizens noticed that during the set, BTS’s J-Hope and Jimin, who had traveled to support his member, were watching TXT’s set.

Yet, a new video from a user at the event showcases how truly proud and supportive the BTS members are of TXT.

In the clip, BTS’s J-Hope and Jimin are seen walking toward the stage before TXT’s performance, and they must’ve seen some of the members. As J-Hope wrapped an arm around Jimin, the two suddenly started clapping and cheering as they seemingly wanted to give TXT some motivation and love.

| @bibimboppin/Twitter 

The next part also melted the hearts of TXT/ BTS fans as they saw Jimin give leader Soobin a huge hug to show his support.

| @bibimboppin/Twitter

When the video was shared, it was viewed more than 240,000 times in just over 12 hours, with netizens loving the friendship between the two groups.

Yet, it wasn’t as if the support was short-lived or just for show. Netizens noticed that J-Hope and Jimin stayed to watch the entire TXT set and left after the members. It proves that the BTS members made sure to show their support by watching the whole performance of their juniors.

Yet, respect and love are mutual between the two groups. Even though TXT had to leave America before J-Hope’s performance, they watched it as soon as they got back and couldn’t stop gushing about their senior.

Beomgyu: I looked up Hobi hyung‘s full performance on YouTube and watched it. It was around 1 hour 20 minutes long.

Taehyun: He was insane

Yeonjun: He’s so cool

Beomgyu: I had no words.

| Weverse

As always, the friendship between HYBE artists is always so strong, and between this interaction and the idols’ The Game Caterers’ appearance, the idols at the company seem to have such a strong bond. With more idols than ever being part of the HYBE family, netizens can’t wait for even more interactions.

You can read more about BTS supporting TXT at Lollapalooza below.

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