BTS’s Jimin Asks J-Hope For His Watch, And The Results Are Absolutely Hilarious

Jimin became a whole new person! 😂

BTS‘s Jimin is truly the epitome of a true idol. Whenever he gets on stage or attends a schedule, he is a true professional and perfectly manages to showcase his talent and personality to those watching him.

BTS’s Jimin

Well, it isn’t news that, along with being extremely talented, Jimin is actually hilarious and a true comedian when he’s with his members. As one of the group’s youngest members, he always likes to have fun with his hyungs whenever he can.

It was no exception when the group was filming their BTS WEEKEND pictorial that was released last month. The photos themselves were absolutely flawless and showcased the idols’ charms.


Yet, it seems like the behind-the-scenes clips are just as addictive as footage that was recently released on Weverse. During the shooting, all the members had fun in both the group and individual filming.

During one of the moments, out of nowhere, Jimin asked J-Hope for his watch.

| Weverse 

Of course, as one of the hyungs, J-Hope wanted to make sure it fit well and was on hand to help with Jimin needed some help to put it on.

| Weverse

Hilariously, as soon as Jimin put the watch on, his whole persona seemed to change as he explained, “I feel very relaxed.” In particular, it seemed like putting on J-Hope’s watch had made him more wise and aware of the world… like an academic.

I’m feeling so generous. Suddenly, everything is okay. I feel like I can understand everything.

— Jimin

| Weverse

With this new persona and feelings, Jimin suddenly turned into a new person as he looked at his members with an adoring expression before adding, “How cute.” He even explained that when wearing the watch, he suddenly had the urge to speak more elegantly.

| Weverse

Someone should definitely sign Jimin up for a K-Drama because his aura definitely changed and his decision to speak more elegantly. Even his decision to go and get some water suddenly seemed more elegant and regal.

| Weverse

Even when J-Hope was having fun with a small football and encouraged Jimin to join in, as he is very good at it, the idol had to elegantly turn it down.

As sad as it was, it was definitely for a wise reason and could only come from someone like Jimin. His response was so funny that J-Hope couldn’t stop laughing and jokingly threw a ball at Jimin as he walked off.

It’s dangerous. So, play with your ball outside.

— Jimin

| Weverse
| Weverse

Of course, J-Hope and Jimin have always been an iconic duo and the dubbed “dance line” of BTS has a friendship that is very underrated. Whether they are on stage or just chilling out, the duo are truly a breath of fresh air for ARMYs.

BTS’s J-Hope (left) and Jimin (right) | @bts_twt/Twitter
| @bts_twt/Twitter

Although BTS is one of the biggest groups in the world, the members continue to prove that they haven’t lost their humor and charisma. It isn’t surprising that ARMYs love them all so much and even without the watch, Jimin is truly wise and inspiring.