BTS’s Jimin And Jin Posted A Series Of Tweets And Flooded ARMYs Feed With Content

We love this duo!

BTS’s Jimin and Jin recently posted a series of videos on their official Twitter account, flooding ARMYs feeds with content. Posting a total of seven videos, Jimin and Jin, used the hashtag #찜n진 (#JjimnJin), as they sang various group and solo songs from their recent albums while in the car.

The first clip posted was their song “Dynamite”!

They continued with a slower track “Blue & Grey”, which which was originally supposed to be a part of V‘s mix tape.

They then followed up with Jin’s solo track “Moon”…

…and “Stay” from their most recent album, BE.

While singing Jimin’s solo track “Filter”, Jimin hands over the camera to Jin, who is flustered because he doesn’t know the lyrics!

They also couldn’t forget to sing their latest title track “Life Goes On!”

They ended their video series with “Dis-ease” as they revealed that they had arrived home!

Fans were in for a total treat as they followed Jimin and Jin’s little karaoke session online!