BTS Jimin and Jungkook’s Hometown Busan City Is Considering “Going Purple”

Fans are excited to hear this!

BTS will hold their “Magic Shop” fan meeting event on June 15 through 16, 2019 in the city of Busan, from where two of the members Jimin and Jungkook hail. To celebrate, Busan city revealed that it is considering “going purple” around the landmarks for the occasion and fans are excited to hear.


Mr. Je Dae Wook, a representative from the Busan Metropolitan Council, shared that the fan meeting event taking place in Busan is inevitably a good opportunity to use in favor of promoting the city and its tourism. Thus, to celebrate the big event, the council filed an official proposal with Busan city, to review possibilities of lighting up its most popular landmarks, like the Gwangan Bridge, Busan Port Bridge, and Yongdusan Tower, in purple.

Gwangan Bridge up front, Busan Port Bridge far back

This has been done by other locations around the world, like New York and London, to celebrate the group’s arrival in the city for their ongoing tour.


Councilman Je shared, “BTS is a world-class super star with an endless amount of international influence, as confirmed by their latest Wembley Stadium concert.” He urged the city to actively search ways to use BTS’s fan meeting event to be held in the heart of Busan as a strong way of promoting the city’s tourism.

Busan must make take full advantage of BTS’s decision to hold one of their fan meeting events in the city. The city isn’t planning anything special at the moment, so I’ve decided to propose some ways for it to promote itself.

— Councilman Je Dae Wook


Busan city is now looking into the proposal and both the council and BTS fans await with optimism. A city representative confirmed the proposal was officially picked up by the authority on June 5, 2019 and it is reviewing the possibilities and the potentials of “going purple”.

Source: THEQOO