Netizens Are Divided Over BTS Jimin’s Live Singing During An Encore Stage

The short clip went viral with over 1m views.

BTS‘s Jimin won first place with his solo song “Like Crazy” as soon as he performed on music shows. The instant win proves his global popularity and success as a singer. He took the crown on M!Countdown on March 30, 2023.

While he pulled off a flawless performance during the pre-recorded stage for “Like Crazy”…

…the encore stage proved much harder to impress with. As many know, encore stages are 100% live without any backing vocals to support the artist. Many idols have been criticized for poor performances or “avoiding singing” during encore stages.

Jimin’s encore stage went viral on Twitter with over a million views in just a few hours, attracting huge attention and much criticism.

Shocking live singing skills from BTS’s Jimin during his encore.

— kkamzzikisoda

It also drew comparisons to other idols as netizens began quoting the video with their stars’ videos. SHINee‘s Jonghyun pulled off impressive live singing while doing push-ups.

BLACKPINK was also mentioned for their energetic performance.

You can’t leave out Red Velvet‘s Wendy when it comes to live singing.

On the other hand, fans mention that problems with his in-ear could have affected his singing. Jimin has also consistently displayed solid performing skills and stage presence, making the encore an off-day.

He was also nervous without his members.

Others point out that an in-ear keeps you on the beat, not in tune.

Jimin has already proven himself countless times before this encore stage.

One moment does not define someone forever, neither does it take away from their years of hard work perfecting their craft.


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