BTS’s Jimin And Lizzo’s Polite Interaction Goes Viral

It was too wholesome not to love it.

The BTS members who recently attended the Harry Styles concert in Los Angeles, California had the time of their lives enjoying the British artist. One of those fun moments between Jimin and American singer Lizzo caught fans’ attention and went viral.


When Jimin and Lizzo greeted each other, they had a respectful hug from a distance. Lizzo gently patted Jimin on the back while Jimin gave her a handshake as they exchanged greetings. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, the next moment really warmed fans’ hearts.

Showing the utmost respect to Lizzo before leaving, Jimin politely bowed to the female singer. Lizzo was just as respectful to the idol, bowing back to Jimin.

Fans not only appreciated how well-mannered the two artists were towards each other but also loved their blossoming friendship. Just look at Jimin and V partying it up with Lizzo in a photo from the fun night.

Jimin and V with Lizzo. | @lizzobeeating/Instagram

Check out the sweet yet polite moment between Jimin and Lizzo that had thousands of ARMYs enjoying it and wishing they were there too.