Magnum Ice Cream Becomes The Most Relatable BTS’s Jimin Stan Account

They had everyone fooled in the first half, but the Jimin stan came out.

The Belgian ice cream brand Magnum Ice Cream hasn’t been shy about how much they adore BTS‘s Jimin. Whether they’re kicking off the week with a dose of Jimin…

…Or keeping up with Jimin’s brand partnerships, Magnum Ice Cream has humorously shown its status as a Jimin stan account.

Magnum Ice Cream couldn’t let a chance go by to show its love for Jimin, especially to celebrate the holiday season.


Using a classic phrase to share excitement for ice cream, the brand tweaked it by making it all about Jimin to ring in the Halloween spirit.

Fans jokingly told the brand to “get in line” as one of the many fans who adore the idol and even offered ideas for a Magnum Ice Cream advertisement featuring Jimin.

Whether it’s brands or fans, Jimin is loved by all.


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