Jimin Returns With A New Look That Screams, “Everybody’s Dad”

Jimin used a fun filter to change his look.

Jimin has shared some new, vacation selfies that are leaving an impression on fans everywhere.


BTS have been on break since their 2-day Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert in Shizuoka, Japan ended on July 14. The members are finished with their group schedules for the month, but they’re still making time to keep in touch with fans by posting photos of their hobbies, hangouts with friends, and more.


On July 29, Jimin posted a new series of selfies that made everybody miss him even more. In these three photos, Jimin looks at the camera while wearing earphones.


Using a filter, he added a retro mustache and glasses that completely changed his look. The very 80s mustache makes him seem more mature, though still very handsome. When combined with the glasses, the earphones look almost like the glasses cords that older generations often use to keep their glasses on. Overall, this look is giving us dad vibes, but Jimin pulls it off!


Jimin also posted another photo, sans mustache. In this photo, he looks less like a “keep the volume down, I’m watching the game” dad and more like a bespeckled anime character.


Shortly after this tweet, Jimin posted two more selfies.


The one on the right shows his ongoing love for the ghost/snow filter that has inspired many memes.


In addition to selfies, Jimin also shared some music he’s currently listening to. One of the tracks is, unsurprisingly, RM‘s new collab, “Seoul Town Road”.


All in all, fans are thrilled to see more Jimin tweets. Even one day without him feels like eternity!