BTS’s Jimin Cements His Role As “Fashion King” After Necklace From “Butter” Teaser Photo Sells Out

There is no end to his influence!

After BTS released the teaser photos for “Butter,” the group has cemented their role as fashion icons. In particular, Jimin‘s teaser proved popular after he managed to cause another luxury item to sell out!


In the image, Jimin is wearing an oversized chunky chain necklace from the English brand Alexander McQueen costing around $920. The necklace looked stunning on Jimin, highlighting his visuals without overpowering them.

Shortly after the teaser was released, the necklace immediately went out of stock despite the high price tag!

| Alexander McQueen

It is not the first time Jimin has managed to sell out such a high-priced, luxury item. In the past, several items from brands such as Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent have sold out despite the items being extremely costly.

Other members, including maknae Jungkook, have also been called the “Sold Out King” after causing several items to sell out instantly. There seems to be no end to the influence BTS has!

Will you be looking to buy the necklace once it’s back in stock?