“They Look The Same Age!” BTS’s Jimin Shocks Netizens With His Unaging Visuals In New TikTok With NewJeans

There’s almost a decade difference between their ages!

BTS‘s Jimin has caught the attention for his youthful visuals after his recent TikTok with members of fellow HYBE artists NewJeans.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

Over the past year, like the other members, Jimin has gained attention for his dance challenges with fellow HYBE artists.


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♬ Like Crazy – Jimin


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♬ Like Crazy – Jimin


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♬ 오리지널 사운드 – BTS – BTS

On August 17, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when NewJeans’ Hanni and Danielle appeared in a TikTok challenge for their song “ETA” with Jimin. From the very beginning, Jimin truly slayed the uptempo choreography.

Of course, netizens didn’t expect anything less from BTS’s main dancer as Jimin seamlessly worked with the two NewJeans members.

When the video was posted, it wasn’t surprising that the comments were full of netizens praising the challenge. Jimin put his heart and soul into the dance, and it was clear how much it showed, as fans couldn’t get enough.

Yet along with slaying the dance, it wasn’t surprising that netizens couldn’t get over how young the idol looked.

Despite being born in 1995, compared to Danielle being born in 2005 and Hanni in 2004, netizens joked that Jimin looked like a baby and could even pass as the same age as the NewJeans members.

It isn’t even the first time Jimin has gained attention for his youthful visuals when dancing along HYBE’s younger idols. When Jimin joined TXT for their dance challenge, netizens thought the idol looked ten years younger.


U know it’s #SugarRushRide when you’re with #Jimin 선배님 @BTS #SOOBIN #BEOMGYU #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TEMPTATION


As always, Jimin manages to slay every dance he does and puts in 110%. While he might have over a decade’s more experience than NewJeans, he had the same energy as the young idols and truly captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

You can read more about Jimin’s dance challenges below.

BTS’s Jimin Literally Looks 10 Years Younger In New TikTok With TXT

Source: @newjeans_official