BTS’s Jimin Might Have Dyed His Hair, But Even Detective ARMYs Can’t Confidently Identify The New Color

It could just be the filter, but…

ARMY are excited for BTS‘s upcoming performances at THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS (also known as TMA) and the long-anticipated concert BTS’s Yet To Come in Busan.

Given the group performances, BTS have understandably been spending time together rehearsing, as V proved in recent Instagram Stories featuring J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jimin.

Although fans were overwhelmed by multiple things in the story, including V’s muscular arms and Jungkook’s hairstyle…

Fans were especially caught off guard by Jimin’s hair, which seemed to be dyed a lighter shade.

Although fans could tell that his hair was different, because of the pink filter no fan was certain about the current color of his hair.

Some fans believe his hair might be orange…

Others believe it might be red…

And some fans think it might be a light shade of brown.

But there’s no doubt that Jimin’s hair looks amazing, whatever the color.

And if one thing is for sure, it’s that ARMY won’t rest until they can properly see his new hair color.

What do you think his new hair color is?


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