BTS Jimin’s New Hair Is Confusing Everyone — What Color Is It?

His ‘do for KBS Song Festival is leaving fans with more questions than answers.

BTS has a new game for ARMYs to play, and it’s called, “Guess Jimin‘s Hair Color”.

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On December 18, BTS performed “Life Goes On”, “Dynamite”, and “I NEED U” at KBS Gayo Daechukje (2020 KBS Song Festival). Although each member’s styling caught fans’ attention, Jimin’s hair especially stood out.

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Like a chameleon, it seemed to change colors from song to song. For “Life Goes On”, Jimin’s hair appeared brown…

…but for “Dynamite”, “I NEED U”, and an interview with TXT‘s Soobin it was three different shades of gray!

Then there’s the show’s pre-recording. When BTS arrived to film, Jimin’s hair looked like a mix of brown and dark blonde with gray lowlights…


…but bluish-gray when he arrived for the red carpet.

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So, what is the real color of Jimin’s hair? Nobody seems to know!

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