BTS Jimin’s Weverse Update Has ARMYs Feeling Emotional, But A Little Less Alone

ARMYs are relating well to Jimin’s recent post.

Jin recently enlisted in the military, officially becoming the first BTS member to begin their mandatory military service.

ARMYs were understandably proud and emotional as Jin arrived at the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon County of Gyeonggi Province on December 13 (KST) to attend his entrance ceremony. As he arrived, his six fellow members followed closely behind him to see the oldest member off.

The BTS members arriving at the training center for Jin’s entrance ceremony

After the ceremony, a new post on BTS’s official Twitter account had ARMYs even more in their feels as the members posted two new OT7 photos along with well-wishes for Jin.

Our hyung !! Go and come back safely!! 💜Love you💜


(From left to right) BTS’s V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, and RM | @BTS_twt/Twitter

The individual members showed support for their hyung as well, including Jimin, who changed his Weverse profile picture to the photo of Jin’s newly shaved hair.

BTS Jimin’s new Weverse profile photo ahead of Jin’s enlistment | Weverse

Jimin kept the photo as his profile picture until today when he changed it to a new photo after leaving an emotional post on Weverse.

It’s been less than 48 hours since Jin’s entrance ceremony, and he’s been heavily on the minds of ARMYs and his fellow members.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Jimin first posted a sweet, candid thought with fans, wondering what Jin was up to at that moment.

I wonder if our Jin hyung is training.


Shortly after his post, he updated his profile picture to a new photo of him with Jin, taken on Jin’s enlistment day.

BTS’s Jimin (left) and Jin (right) ahead of Jin’s military entrance ceremony | Weverse

Jimin’s update had ARMY relating to the BTS member, beginning to trend #SameJimin and “Jin hyung” on Twitter as ARMYs felt connected to Jimin in that they weren’t alone in missing Jin.

ARMYs sweetly sent messages of support and love to Jimin on Weverse, sharing in the thoughtful moment.

Jin is completing a five-week boot camp before deploying to the front-line units, and the Korean military has provided a brief public update on Jin’s experience so far.

Check out more about the military’s official post below:

ARMYs Get A First Update About BTS’s Jin Through The Military’s Official Post For The Public