Jimin Just Showed Up To Day 1 Of BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS” With A New Haircut, And ARMYs Can’t Handle It

There’s no look he can’t pull off well!

Recently, BTS‘s Jimin has been letting his hair grow out, and has undoubtedly rocked the look.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

However, it seems that he decided to change up his look for the group’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS tour stop! Though the first day of the concert has only just begun with the soundcheck, ARMYs have already flooded social media with praises for his haircut.

It looks like he has not only cut it short, but dyed it a lighter reddish-brown as well, and it definitely gives him an adorable, youthful look.

Some reactions were very… Enthusiastic 😂

Others were confused by the lack of his moon tattoo on his upper back, but one Twitter user was quick to give an explanation.

Even though his moon tattoo isn’t visible, though, his “Youth” one is!

Some ARMYs also noted the similarity to hairstyles he’s had in the past!

His new look was enough to get several different “Jimin”-themed topics trending on Twitter.

We hope that everyone attending the concert has a great (and safe) time!


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