BTS’s Jimin Is Greeted By “V’s Wife” During His Live Broadcast — Has The Most Iconic Response

Was V’s relationship status revealed? 😂😂

Since debuting in 2013, it’s not surprising that BTS‘s rising fame and popularity have meant that they’re the most eligible bachelors in the world. ARMYs worldwide would do anything to date them, and it’s not surprising that they receive marriage proposals almost daily.

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While it’s normally Suga who is receiving the marriage proposals, it seems like there’s someone who has been hiding their relationship status… and it’s none other than V!

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Well, it seems like one of the members is already married… and BTS’s Jimin had the funniest reaction to being greeted by them.

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On March 26 (KST), Jimin surprised fans with a live broadcast after he had finished filming for an upcoming music show appearance.

Jimin on his live broadcast | BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse 

During the live broadcast, while reading comments, Jimin read a comment that said, “Hi Jimin, I’m Taehyung’s wife.” Of course, the comment was referring to V (Kim Taehyung) and it’s obvious that the idol isn’t married.

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Rather than ignoring the comment, Jimin not only hilariously read out the comment but responded to it, adding, “Nice to meet you sister-in-law.”

Of course, it was hilarious that the idol was playing into ARMYs’ comments but also showcased how close the members are, that they’re actually brothers.

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It’s not the first time BTS have reacted to their members’ spouses. Earlier in the month, J-Hope did a surprise live broadcast.

He also made fans smile, especially after he got a greeting from “Min Yoongi’s wife.” After reading the comment from an ARMY,  J-Hope seemingly accepted the fate of Suga by replying, “Yes, hello! Hello, sister-in-law.”

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If that wasn’t enough, ARMYs joked that J-Hope was feeding their “delulu” brains as he went on to say, “Have you eaten, sister-in-law?” 

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After the broadcast finished, netizens couldn’t get over the fact that BTS was basically playing to ARMYs’ and just going along with their comments, no matter how random.

While neither V nor Suga is married, it’s hilarious that the members will always react to those comments, and it could become the newest trend, so “Yoongi, marry me” might be on its way out.

You can read more about the newest trend below.

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