How BTS’s Jimin Was Inspired By The Film “Like Crazy” For His Solo Album’s Title Track

Did you catch all the references to the film?

BTS Jimin‘s anticipated solo album FACE is finally here, along with its title track “Like Crazy.”


BTS has been known to take inspiration from other media, especially books, throughout the years. Now, this new song was inspired by a film.


Previously, Rolling Stone asked Jimin,Can you share what the “Like Crazy” choreography and performance is going to be like?” Jimin explained how he tried to portray similar vibes to the movie, which is also called Like Crazy. 

I tried to express the feelings of that movie… You know, the somewhat complex, somewhat lonely, somewhat happy emotions. I tried to express all these ambiguous and subtle emotions in a slightly sexy way, but I’m not sure how it’ll end up being received by people. [Laughs]

— Jimin

Like Crazy is a 2011 American romantic drama film starring Felicity JonesJennifer Lawrence, and Anton Yelchin and directed and written by Drake Doremus as the story is inspired by his own long-distance relationship with a Londoner. The award-winning film follows British exchange student Anna (Jones), who is separated from her love interest American student Jacob (Yelchin) when she is denied entry to the U.S. after she overstayed on her student visa.

Interestingly, Jimin mentioned Like Crazy back in 2021 before he had ever seen the film. He included “In Return” by Breakbot in his playlist at the time, which he heard was in the movie.

Now, Jimin has seen the film and was heavily influenced by it for his title song “Like Crazy.” He not only used the same name. There are numerous references…

Firstly, the song conveys Jimin’s feelings when separated from ARMYs during the pandemic. Like Crazy is primarily about a long-distance relationship.

In another interview, Jimin explained further how the bittersweet film inspired him. He even rewatched the movie when working on the song.

So, he thoughtfully added many references in both the song and music video. Some ARMYs thought that the water-like appearance of lights might have been due to the final scene in Like Crazy being in a shower.

You can see how scenes in the MV mirror those from the movie. Take for instance, these club scenes…

Also, Jimin is seen sitting in a chair at a table at the beginning and end of the MV. In the film, Anna was gifted a handmade chair by Jacob. ARMYs have some theories behind the significance of this too.

Lastly, some might think that Jimin included actual dialogue from Like Crazy in the song…

It actually is not. The voice actress shared her process of recording the dialogue. They did watch the film to get the tone similar, but it’s original dialogue for “Like Crazy.”

What did you think of the song and MV? Did you catch any more references to Like Crazy?

Source: Wikipedia