BTS’s Jimin Reveals He Almost Threw Up Performing “Fake Love” For The First Time At The 2018 BBMAs

“Yeah, I really almost threw up…”

Back in 2018, at the Billboard Music Awards, BTS made history — revealing “Fake Love” for the first time.

BTS in 2018 at the BBMAs. | Billboard

Looking back, Jimin revealed — in the latest episode of Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend — that he felt so extremely nervous about the performance…

| @icemochijimin/Twitter

… that he wanted to throw up!

Yeah, I really almost threw up. I became soooo- nervous!

— Jimin

Jin also commented, “Korean shows usually give rehearsal time but Billboard Music Awards didn’t — it was real time right away“.

Having to show off a brand new performance without running through it, members recalled having been terrified.

J-Hope also explained the anxiety level peaked because “it’s not like that song is easy to sing live.

And it’s not like “Fake Love” is easy to sing live… So yeah, we were all completely nerve-wrecked.

— J-Hope

Did Jimin, or any other members for that matter, let the stress get to them though?

| @jiminiful/Twitter

No, absolutely not. Those who watched the 2018 Billboard Music Awards remember…

… these professionals had us completely fooled! Nervous? Who? 😂

Watch BTS on Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend below.


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