BTS’s Jimin Reveals What Went Through His Head When The “Serendipity” Bubble Didn’t Pop In Wembley, London

On the outside, he kept calm and carried on… but did he panic inside?

Usually, when BTS‘s Jimin performs his solo track “Serendipity” on stage, he appears in this clear bubble — boosting his fairy aesthetic by 200%.

Jimin in a bubble for his “Serendipity” performance.

Then with a magical touch, he pops the bubble and graces down on to the stage where he continues the rest of his performance.

Unfortunately, when BTS went on their world tour — and wowed ARMYs in London with the award-winning Wembley Stadium leg — Jimin faced a slight technical difficulty with this part of the performance.

Jimin performing “Serendipity” at the Wembley Stadium.

On the first day of the concert, the bubble did not pop on its own.

Shortly after realizing what happened, some staff ran on to the stage to take the deflated layer away. While the hiccup surprised ARMYs in the audience…

… Jimin remained totally calm and carried on to slay the show.

And in the recently released BTS WORLD TOUR ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’ LONDON DVD, Jimin revealed that he in fact “did not become too flustered by the bubble not popping.” He commented, as soon as he noticed the malfunction, he “got busy thinking about how to leave the bubble.”

I knew I had to decide, should I rip through the bubble? Do I stand up or do I keep sitting? Those thoughts ran through my head.

— Jimin

Though potentially a moment of total panic, Jimin focused solely on handling the situation professionally.

I decided to remain sitting because the bubble is pretty small. Had I stood up, it would have touched my head and that wouldn’t have looked pretty. I thought, ‘Okay, then. When the right time comes, I’ll make my way out somehow.’

— Jimin

Thanks to his quick and smart decision-making, Jimin completed the performance looking more dashing than ever!

Besides, I knew the stage director had been watching. I had faith that the staff would figure something out for me. I only needed to wait a bit.

— Jimin

And upon hearing the full behind-the-scenes story of the stubborn Wembley bubble, ARMYs simply can’t stop praising Jimin for his utmost professionalism — even in the face of chaos.

I can’t believe he didn’t panic… but rather, he thought about how ‘it wouldn’t look pretty’ for the fans watching. He’s pure genius.


After all, that unrivaled dedication to the stage is what makes BTS so… BTS. Right?

Source: THEQOO