BTS’s Jimin Reveals Why Suga Decided To Have Surgery & Gives Update On His Recovery

Suga recently underwent surgery in secret.

In a live broadcast today, BTS‘s Jimin shed a little more insight into why Suga decided to undergo surgery recently and gave fans an update on the star’s current health condition.

While fans watching the YouTube live broadcast had plenty of questions about Jimin and BTS’s upcoming album, BE, they naturally couldn’t stop worrying about Suga. Last week, media broke the news that the lead rapper recently underwent shoulder surgery.

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Suga was injured in an accident while working as a delivery boy before debut, and while he was able to overcome it for many years, his condition began worsening again recently. During the group’s Map of the Soul ON:E online concert last month, fans noticed he seemed to be experiencing discomfort. However, fans were still shocked to learn that Suga was discharged from a hospital in Seoul last week after receiving surgery.

BTS visiting Suga after he suffered a ruptured appendix in 2014.

In a letter to ARMY on Weverse, Suga assured fans that the surgery went well, apologizing in advance for missing any upcoming activities. Of course, that hasn’t stopped fans from feeling concerned. Many ARMYs worried that undergoing surgery meant Suga’s condition had become very serious.

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Thankfully, Jimin was happy to give everyone the answers and reassurance they were looking for. In a live broadcast today, Jimin said that all the members have been “watching [their] health” recently. However, while he’s been trying to keep himself “in good shape“, Jimin had to begin “taking it easy these days” after he began feeling strain.


He went on to explain that he’s “trying to work on the foundations” of his health—and that Suga felt exactly the same way. While fans may have worried that Suga had surgery because his condition got too serious, Jimin revealed that he actually decided to get surgery early before things got bad.


Suga wanted to do something before things get bad because he wanted to be with you for a very long time. That’s why he made the decision to have the procedure now, early.

— Jimin

To ease fans worries, Jimin also gave everyone an update on Suga’s condition. According to the main dancer, the surgical procedure was very successful and Suga is “recovering really well“. He also regularly sends the BTS members selfies to let them know how he’s doing.

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I hope you’re not worrying too much… I hope you can wish for his speedy recovery with me.

— Jimin

So, while it may be a while until ARMYs can see Suga again, there’s certainly nothing to worry about. As long as fans are willing to wait a little, Jimin says “you’ll see him back and healthy in no time“!

Source: BANGTANTV (YouTube)


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