BTS’s Jimin Will Be Rewarded For Inspiring 700+ ARMYs To Donate Blood

Red Cross can’t thank Jimin enough for his kind hearted fans!

The South Korean Red Cross announced its decision to present BTS‘s Jimin with an “Award of Appreciation” for inspiring over 700 ARMYs to visit its Seoul and Busan branches and donate blood!


ARMYs, in celebration of Jimin’s birthday, voluntarily took participation in the “Blood Drive Project”, held at the respective blood donation centers in the two cities. Those who donated blood got a chance to do good on behalf of Jimin and to win some Jimin merchandise!

Red Cross Blood Donation Center in Seoul


Of the 710+ fans who showed up, the eligible 616 were able to give blood and contribute to saving lives.

Red Cross Blood Donation Center in Busan


The organization praised Jimin and his fans for celebrating the special occasion with a meaningful service. Red Cross commented, “We’re grateful for BTS Jimin’s fans who helped save lives.”

We’re grateful for BTS Jimin’s fans who helped save lives by donating their blood. We’ll be giving Jimin an award of appreciation for making the blood drive more known and for inspiring more people to take part in good charity work.

— Red Cross Korea


Looks like Jimin really is an angel — and as are his fans!

Source: Yonhap News