BTS’s Jimin Is Rumored To Be Dating A Famous Actress, But Fans Are Wary Of The “Evidence”

Fans aren’t buying it.

BTS‘s members have had their share of dating rumors (albeit, all with pretty weak “evidence”), and Jimin seems to be the member who’s under the most scrutiny right now.


On July 18, an anonymous netizen made a now-deleted post on the popular forum Pann Nate that included 12 pieces of so-called “evidence” that Jimin is dating actress Song Da Eun.

Song Da Eun

In the post titled “Proof of Bangtan Jimin Dating Song Da Eun,” the evidence includes coincidences such as similar accessories worn by the two, making Instagram stories at the same time, and attending events at the same time, among other things.


Here’s a list of each of the 12 pieces of “proof” in order.

1. The poster alleged that Jimin and Da Eun wore the same earrings on the same day (June 29, 2022).

2. The pair also apparently made Instagram stories on the same day (July 8) four minutes apart.

3. Jimin and Da Eun attended the same soccer game, which also happened to be on Da Eun’s birthday (June 14).

4. Da Eun watched the movie Allied, which Jimin had recommended people to watch.

5. On a questionnaire that asked Jimin what he wanted to do in his free time, he said that he wanted to plant peonies and rubber trees.

Song Da Eun apparently really likes both of these plants.

6. Jimin mentioned that he wanted to give the name “Gangyangee” to his future pet, which is a combination of the Korean words for puppy (gangaji) and cat (goyangi).

In an Instagram story where she was asked if she liked dogs or cats, Da Eun answered “Gangyangee” as well. It’s also a nickname that Jimin has been known as.

7. Da Eun apparently highlighted the date October 13 when she had a Q&A session on Instagram, and October 13 is Jimin’s birthday.

8. Da Eun updated her Instagram story on the last day of BTS’s concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium at a hotel restaurant in Jamsil.

9. Comedian Jo Seho follows only Jimin out of all the BTS members on Instagram and also follows Da Eun.

Both celebrities were also seen taking pictures near Peanuts characters.

10. Actress Lee Suji is friends with Da Eun and follows both Jimin and her on Instagram.

11. Da Eun opened a coffee shop with the number 5 in the name.

According to the poster, the number 5 is Jimin’s number among the BTS members, though that seems to be untrue. Da Eun also once posted a picture of the coffee place with a purple heart in the caption, and purple is BTS’s color.

12. The two have worn alleged couple necklaces before.

Understandably, a lot of fans of BTS are skeptical about this apparent evidence and think that the whole thing is too much of a reach to be proof of Jimin dating.

Others, however, are sharing their support for the “couple” regardless of whether or not it’s true.

And other reactions are just funny!

What do you think of this “evidence”?

Source: Pann Choa