BTS Jimin Sends A Signed BTS Album To His Predebut Dance Studio

He hasn’t forgotten the people who helped him to achieve his dreams.

BTS‘s Jimin has once again proved he has a heart of gold by sending a special gift to his old dance studio.


Prior to debuting with BTS, Jimin attended the Core Dance Academy where he received training for contemporary dance.


Even though Jimin has moved on to idol life, he hasn’t forgotten the people who helped him on his journey to superstardom. One of those people is Kim Do Kyung, the director of Core Dance Academy.


Many Jimin fans were introduced Kim Do Kyung when she appeared in an episode of the Yang Nam Show in 2017. She sent in a dance clip of her star pupil, along with the following video message.

“Hello, I am Kim Do Kyung, the director of Core Dance Academy, and I taught modern dance to Jimin. During class, Jimin used to ask “How do you do this move? How do you do those moves?” And I would explain, “These muscles will start developing if you do this move, so you have to do it this way.” The next day, he would come and tell me, “I practiced those moves a lot and now my muscles are nicely toned!” and he would even take his shirt off to show me. Jimin, always take care of your health, and fighting!”

– Kim Do Kyung


On November 18, Kim Do Kyung revealed the signed Love Yourself: Answer album Jimin’s father had brought to Core Dance Academy, on his son’s behalf.


Jimin wrote the following heartwarming message that expresses his fondness for the studio and the time he spent there.

“To [Core Dance Academy]. How are you? I’m Jimin from BTS. It seems like yesterday that I practiced and learned in there. I miss those days. Sorry for that I didn’t visit you. I will always be cheering for you. Fighting!” — Jimin


In the post’s caption, Kim Do Kyung called Jimin the dance academy’s “pride”. She also praised his passion and good manners.

“Our pride, Park Jimin of BTS. When he was learning contemporary dance, he was such a polite and passionate kid…Now he is a superstar. I remember those days when you were 16-17years old. Jimin’s father delivered this album, thank you, we support you!!“ — Kim Do Kyung


Jimin truly is an angel on earth!


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