BTS Jimin’s “Serendipity” MV, First BTS Solo to Hit 80 Million Views

Another MV milestone for BTS!

BTS already has hit many milestones and broken many records with their MV views. Here’s another one to add to it!

BTS Jimin’s solo, “Serendipity” MV has hit 80 million views – it’s the first solo track by a BTS member to have hit that many views.

Serendipity MV was released on the 4th September 2017, as a comeback trailer to BTS “Love Yourself: Her”. The beautiful aesthetics of the MV captivated fans upon release and continue to do so now, even after a year has passed. Some fans commented that the MV reminded them of “Little Prince”.

Serendipity was included in the album “Love Yourself: Her” as the intro and gained a lot of praise. The song is an alternative R&B genre track that shows off and complements Jimin’s vocals very nicely.

Serendipity’s popularity doesn’t end there. BTS currently has 24 tracks streamed over 50 million times on the global music streaming service Spotify, two of which are solo songs: Jimin’s Serendipity and “Lie”.

This goes to show Jimin is not only a great dancer but a very talented singer too!

Source: Sports DongA