BTS’s Jimin Shows His Insane Duality While Shooting “Set Me Free Pt 2” Music Video

He switches between work and play so quickly!

BTS‘s Jimin is currently preparing to release his first solo album, Face. The singer first stunned in the official concept photos for the album, sporting facial piercings in one version.



Just days later, the music video for his prerelease track, “Set Me Free Pt. 2,” was released and attracted much attention for the lyrics and choreography.

In a newly released MV sketch, Jimin took us behind the scenes of the music video filming, showing exactly how parts of the iconic MV were filmed.

Jimin began the video by explaining that he was on location to film the MV. Though he was wearing one of the outfits for the video,  his vibe was completely different, giving off the “mochi” energy fans love.

Exclusive shots of the filming show Jimin as the constant professional he is, maintaining the serious nature of the video.

He maintains this as he and the dancers watch the playback but ends up smiling widely when his performance receives cheers from the team.

This duality can be seen throughout the video when Jimin quickly flips the switch between his cute and joking break mode to his on-camera persona.

Fans went wild for Jimin’s impressive physique shown in his fierce, shirtless, and poetry-tattooed shots, but Jimin couldn’t help but let his personality shine through even when dressed so tough.


ARMY loved the massive duality Jimin showed in the video and can’t stop talking about it.

You can check out the full video below!