BTS’s Jimin Showed Support For His Friend On “I Can Hear Your Voice”

Jimin is busy, but he’s never too busy to be a good friend.

BTS‘s Jimin is truly an angel, and he proved it all over again by cheering on his friend, Kim Daehoon.


Kim Daehoon is a former trainee turned dance instructor, who appeared on the February 22 episode of the singing competition show I Can Hear Your Voice.


“My friend is the famous, world-class, BTS Jimin,” Kim Daehoon told the cast. “When I said I’m going out on the show he personally cheered for me, took me out for food, and said he’d cheer for my first performance!”


Jimin also sent Kim Daehoon these words of encouragement.

“Kim Daehoon
Your first stage that you will show through a broadcast, I’ll cheer for you and look forward to it too! You can do it, Daehoon, fighting!”

— Jimin


Fans are now praising Jimin for his consideration and kindness, and many wish they had a friend like him too!


For more, check out the clip here.