BTS’s Jimin Shows Off His Vocal Range As He Sings Suga’s Rap Part For “Dynamite”

Jimin’s rap skills are no joke!

BTS recently attended the 2020 The Fact Music Awards (TMA) and took home four awards that night.

| @bts_official/Twitter

The four awards they received included:

Artist of the Year

Worldwide Icon

Listener’s Choice

Daesang (Grand Prize)

This is also BTS’s third year in a row winning the Daesang at the TMA, showing their continuous power and influence.

Member Suga, who is currently recovering from shoulder surgery, was not able to perform on stage with the group.

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Although the members had always left Suga’s part alone during performances, Jimin stepped up to perform Suga’s rap for the encore stage.

Fans were pleasantly surprised at how well he performed Suga’s part and praised him for his vocal range. Jimin, who is known for his high notes, seemed to pull off the lower register just as well!

Fans were surprised at his low register vocals and praised him for being a multi-range vocalist.