BTS Jimin Wrote His Own Song, Fans Are Impressed

It’s available for streaming free!

BTS’ Jimin composed, wrote and sang his own song and fans are simply impressed.


On December 31, BTS’ Jimin shared a post on Twitter announcing that the song he wrote has finally be released.

“Everyone, you’ve waited long!
My song has finally been revealed.
It’s a song for me but also a song for all of you.
It’s my first and it’s lacking but please listen to it a lot.
Thank you ARMYs for waiting.”


The song called “Promise” was composed and written by Jimin himself.


Not only is the track available for free streaming, but Jimin had also named the link “first Jimin present”, touching fans’ hearts with his sweetness.


Fans are touched by this precious track and impressed with Jimin’s skills.

  • “A song that’s been released for free…Such a precious song that Jimin prepared for a long timeㅜㅜ”
  • “The song is so good”
  • “The song is really good…I listen to songs over and over again if I like one and I’m doing that for this song”
  • “I thought his voice was charismatic but it’s really pretty. I like how his style is all different for Lie, Serendipity, Promise, etc. Jimin and Jungkook’s We Don’t Talk Anymore was beautiful too.”
  • “It’s so good I’m listening to it now too and the lyrics are all so touching, the melody really good and his voice…is mad. He’s made a truly beautiful song. I love you Park Jimin, you lovely person.”


Check out Jimin’s “Promise” below:

Source: Pann Nate