BTS Jimin Speaks Up About The Death Threats Made Against Him

An anonymous user threatened to kill him at their concert in Texas.

BTS Jimin recently received threats against his life by an anonymous user who claimed he will kill Jimin while he’s in Texas this September. BigHit and the Texas police department were notified, and they both announced that they will be on high alert.

This isn’t the first time Jimin received a death threat. In March 2017, another Twitter account uploaded multiple tweets with graphic content, claiming that they will kill Jimin during BTS’s concert.


During BTS’s recent press conference for their appearance at the Billboard Music Awards, Jimin opened up about how he felt after receiving the death threats.

“I was shocked to hear about another death threat, the second death threat since last year. However, I was more worried for the fans than myself.” — Jimin


He explained that he won’t let these death threats stop him from touring to meet his fans. He trusts his staff to keep the members, the staff, and himself safe from harm.

“I’m not going to be caught up by these threats. There are so many people waiting to see me. I don’t think anyone has to worry because my staff members take very good care of me.” — Jimin


Granted, Jimin also revealed that he was tired and drained when he first heard of the death threat. He stated that the selfie he took on the plane towards Los Angeles summed up his feelings.

“Honestly, the photo I uploaded to Twitter on the day we left [for Los Angeles] shows how tired I felt after hearing about the threat.” — Jimin


Looking back at his selfies, his facial expression is much different than his normal selfies. Jimin is usually smiling brightly, which is very different from his selfie on that particular day.


BTS’s “LOVE YOURSELF” world tour will stop by Fort Worth, Texas on September 15 and 16. BigHit Entertainment revealed that they will be working with the Fort Worth Police Department to ensure the members, fans, and staffs’ safety.

Source: Hankook Ilbo